Hello out there!


Well… Here I am. For reasons of laziness and possible odd insecurities, I have postponed starting a blog. And it has been delayed way too long.
My name is Bekah, and I want to live an abundant life. I suppose this is the first thing I am telling you because I hope everything else I say about myself and post about what is happening in my life is a true reflection of that desire.
As I sit here, I am trying to describe myself… it seems like what I should do next, which seems silly.  I am reminded of how sometimes, when I am really pensive, somewhere deep inside me, I get this urge that I might be genius. And then, I just laugh because I know how much dedication that requires. But the effort is what makes you brilliant. I love the construction of words, how they make me feel when strung together just right. And I want to be able to craft my own. I want this space to be a place for me to take baby steps in writing. I think I am going to section the blog off into different aspects of who I am and what I do- so we will have to see how that carries out.
Well, I’ll close by saying I am excited to write about my life, a blessing each day from my Lord. That’s why we’re calling it “Being Bek.” Ridiculous, yes, but appropriate. To God be the glory for each breath I inhale and each moment I get to see how He is working in my life.

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