Happy Easter!

Faith: continuing to take steps forward even after getting punched in the stomach by life.

I am paraphrasing this above idea from something the pastor said at church this morning for Easter. Gosh, I really resonate with feeling beaten up by life lately. 2016 is arguably the hardest year of my life so far, and it’s still March.

Going to church is such a relief for me each week because it is a beautiful reminder that God already chose me and Jesus loves me, despite the many times I fail each week and how weak I feel.

I can’t help but get emotional each Sunday because there, I can set aside all the labels and responsibilities I give myself and just be in God’s family– be his daughter, who is so greatly cared for and loved.

I strive so desperately all week long to earn such love when the reality is Jesus already sacrificed his life so that I could have joy and peace and love.

Even when I mess up at being a teacher, mom, wife, sister, friend, advocate, caretaker, student, employee, neighbor, church attender, etc., I find comfort knowing that Jesus took care of our sin on the cross, and then declared: “it is finished.”

Here’s to continuing to inhale and exhale, leaning into what life is teaching me, continuing to take steps forward through the trials, and hoping for a break soon.

Happy Easter!


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