Chinook Dates: February 2018


In January, I shared that I combined my love for planning and saving money by creating 15 Chinook Book Dates we could try throughout the year.

January got busy, we were sick, and we didn’t make it happen. But we did get to go see both Murder on the Orient Express and The Post. Neither with a coupon, but you know, whatever.

Fast forward to February. Ben picked #14, so we hired the most amazing babysitter in the world, then headed to our rock climbing adventure.


Ben was literally created to be a rock climber. I never knew I was married to freaking guitar-playing, amazing dad, ridiculous sense of humor, real-life Spider-Man. As I clumsily stumbled to attach the carabiners, I look over to see Ben halfway up the wall. This would really define our experiences at Vertical Endeavors. The pattern pretty much went like this: me getting the nerve to climb what I would realize later was maybe seven feet off the ground and Ben repelling from 40 or 50 feet up in the air.

He was unstoppable. I was doing my best. We both had fun.

Another truth I never realized was about myself: I am actually terrified of heights, and I might have had more fun if I had more upper body strength. Even though we were all secure in our little rope outfits, I honestly quaked with fear when I felt like I had to reach for the next rock. Needless to say, I tried it, and I don’t feel compelled to visit often. Ben, on the other hand, wants an annual membership. So there’s that.

After climbing rocks and watching Ben climb more rocks, we walked up the street to The Wedge Table. It was a tad challenging to walk by so many good dining options because I’ve been doing Whole30, and so I needed something really vegetable-y and more vegetable-y. It ended up being perfect. I ordered Rainbow Veggie Noodles, made up of spiralized sweet potatoes, golden and red beets, and radishes. Was it the best thing I’ve ever eaten? Not by a long shot, but I felt like a gold star hipster-vegan drinking my kombucha on tap and eating my noodles made out of vegetables. Take that Whole 30. I have no clue what Ben ate. I don’t remember. I blocked it out, most likely out of jealousy and the reality that sometimes it’s just better not to know things that will make you sad.

The date (minus babysitter $$) equaled $50: BOGO at Vertical Endeavors (approx $24) and entrees and drinks at The Wedge Table (approx $26).

Livin’ that married life… catch you next month.


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