Chinook Dates: May 2018

Okay, so spring didn't really actually happen in my interpretation of this year, and all of the sudden months had passed by before we realized we were trying to actually go on creative dates. See 15 Chinook Book Dates Under $50 for the original plan. Ben made sure we actually went on a date this month, and... Continue Reading →

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

I first learned about Roxane Gay when I read her review of Jodi Picoult Small Great Things. She sparked in me an appreciation for her deliberate telling of what she saw and didn't sugarcoat her observations, but also didn't appear cruel in her suggestions. So, Ben & I listened to her book of essays Bad Feminist... Continue Reading →

Childhood Trauma is a Real Thing

I attended my final SEED class for the year last week and it was about adverse childhood experiences and how they inform a student's ability to learn at school. I have to admit I was a bit unenthusiastic about the topic (yes, I know how awful that sounds) because I felt that I have already... Continue Reading →

When Mother’s Day Hurts Like Hell

Flashback to May 12, 1991. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. McKennan Hospital. It's my mom's 25th birthday, and it's Mother's Day. It will also become my birthday via Cesarean section. Pretty special. Or as my story would come to unfold, pretty full of heartache. The role my mom has played in my life has been both... Continue Reading →

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