5 Ways I’m Freakishly Obsessed with Saving Money

You should know right away that I am a saver, verge closely on idolizing money by giving it too much power, and genuinely love good deals. So, if you are like me, and perk up at free things or money saved, check out these options. Some are links, because eh hem, I get referral money if you do it, and as I plainly told you, I treasure money I didn’t have to earn. Here are my top five ways that I save.

  1. Target Cartwheel: if you don’t use it, but shop at Target, it’s so worth it. I buy a lot of up & up products, and they are nearly always 5% off with cartwheel. My last trip to Target was a huge success because not only did I stick to the list, I saved over $7 for things I needed anyways. Another quick example: we were out of toothpaste, so I searched for toothpaste in the Target app. I saw Crest was offering $2 off, so when I got to the store, I grabbed a Crest toothpaste listed at $2.99, and it ended up being $0.99. You can also scan barcodes for things already in your cart. I bought a bike helmet for Zadie that scanned as $14.99 but was listed as $24.99 on the shelf. Win!
  2. Ebates: I started using Ebates when we got married, so 6 years ago. My lifetime earnings is $455.99, but I promise you, I have never bought anything I wasn’t already planning to buy. The way it works, is you get a little button in your browser or start your online shopping search there and earn cash back for online purchases. Most of my purchases are for Groupon, but they have loads of other stores too. The trick is not to spend money places because you’re getting cash back. Just get cash back for purchases you’re already making. They send you a check four times a year if it’s at least $5.                                          Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 1.09.20 PM
  3. Ibotta and Fetch Rewards: I basically view this app as finding a quarter on the ground whenever you go shopping. It takes a teensy bit of effort to bend down, pick it up, and pocket it, and let’s be real, it’s $0.25, but for as often as we go to the grocery store, it really does add up. Plus, you can upload the same receipts to multiple apps. I use Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, and Checkout 51. Ibotta is great in conjunction with Target Cartwheel if you’re willing to put 10 minutes into some planning your grocery list. They pay you via PayPal or Venmo. I just cashed out at $94.95 after using it for awhile. Fetch Rewards is my favorite though, because you get 25 points for any receipt and don’t have to click any specific products. They do it for you. And if you buy a lot of brand name things, the points add up fast. And they pay you via gift cards. Hola $10 to Caribou. Use referral code UV5BV for $2.
  4.  Groupon & Living Social: If you haven’t jumped on these trains, honestly, it’s worth it for local restaurants and things to do. And if you go through Ebates, you get more cash back. A tiny bit, but you know, it adds up. Both websites often have promotions as well, like 20% off a local deal. Some great options: the exercise options like the Modo yoga 2 month deal or restaurants like Stella’s Fish Cafe and Eat Street Social (Just bought one for $55 worth of food and drink for $30, but with a 20% off code so for $24. Eating out is expensive, so why not toss the shame of using a coupon out the window and just do it.) It’s a great way to try a new restaurant. Just be sure to tip your server off the actual amount prior to the discount.
  5. Poshmark: Buy and sell your clothes here. This year, I fell in love with skorts from Athleta and found what I wanted for $25 instead of the $70 in store. You can also sell your clothes too. Use code bekahjaneal for $5 off your first purchase.

I hope that if you made it this far, you resonate with my weird tendencies to do somewhat inconvenient things to save money. If you’re just judging me, then hey, I warned you in the title. You shouldn’t have clicked this one. Also, if you want help using any of these or would rather just give me your receipts, you know where to find me!

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