Vote on November 3rd, 2020

I am so passionate about everyone who is eligible actually submitting a ballot. I am also so passionate about voting for those who are not centered in most conversations. Many people believe we should vote for what serves our family the best, but I disagree to some extent. I know my family is safe, has been given a lot, and has our needs mostly met. Before I ask for more, I want to live in a world where every family can say that last sentence. That desire is primarily my motivation when I go to the polls.

Recently, a friend told me an analogy about voting that I really appreciate. She said that voting for a presidential candidate is not like getting a taxi to a direct location. There is rarely going to be a candidate who aligns with absolutely everything you need and want and makes all of your dreams come true. Instead, she said to view voting more like using public transportation. You vote for someone based on who is going to get you closest to the initiatives you believe in, but you may still have to walk a few blocks to your final destination. I find this helpful. Maybe you will too.

Here are some pieces of writing I have done over the years if you want more of an idea of what values I support now:

If you live in Minnesota like me, feel free to utilize this graphic as a way to help answer questions you might have about the election. Before we tell people who to vote for, let’s get our phones out and make sure the people we love know how to vote.

Click on the image below to be able to click on the bubbles. Share it with friends.

If you have a printer, here’s a PDF Version.

Print it out and put in near a high traffic intersection or near a bus stop where people will see it.

“See” you at the polls!

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