little baby poem

I was promised constellations and blessings beyond measure. But I had to leave what I was taught in order to receive. God didn't just heal my body after you were born, but began healing generations. I know, I know that people cannot save you; but there is a cure when I look into your face.... Continue Reading →

Chinook Dates: February 2018

  In January, I shared that I combined my love for planning and saving money by creating 15 Chinook Book Dates we could try throughout the year. January got busy, we were sick, and we didn't make it happen. But we did get to go see both Murder on the Orient Express and The Post. Neither with... Continue Reading →

15 Chinook Book Dates Under $50

It's 2018, and I decided to merge my talents for organization and saving money by pre-planning monthly dates for me and Ben. All of the dates require a Chinook Book, which pays for itself quickly and is filled with environmentally sustainable and local opportunities to explore the Twin Cities. We got ours at Half Price... Continue Reading →

thursday morning poem

When you feel a tear sliding down your cheek in the middle of grading the stack of essays in front of you; when you drop your pen, put your head in your hands, and let yourself be defeated by the task for just a few moments; so that you can find an old journal to... Continue Reading →


Only a few weeks ago, I was talking with my sister-in-law Abby about writing and reading. I made the discovery that I have never really tried my hand at writing fiction, but I loved to read fiction. I also love to read non-fiction. And when I wrote, it was much easier to write about something... Continue Reading →


After Ben studied in Nashville during the fall of 2011, he and some of his friends began an online group called The Weekly Circle. It was a place to encourage and motivate one another in their song writing with a weekly theme and deadline. Ben has "revamped" the group this past week to include song-writers... Continue Reading →

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