Postpartum Depression Sucks

The baby turned two months old this week, and all I can say is: it has been a hard week. Depression has been chasing me, and I have done my best to stay ahead of it, even though I am only a few footsteps ahead at all times. It's exhausting to pace yourself like this.... Continue Reading →

the year she was three poem

i hope i don't forget: how you omitted the a, and called those colored ovals of helium "bloons". how you put your ear on my stomach and told me that your brother loves our family. how you thought the sinks at my work got smaller, but really you grew. how you demonstrated the way you... Continue Reading →

chutes and ladders poem

why does it feel like a perverted game of chutes and ladders to be a member of a subordinate group in this country where you climb and you climb and you climb, only to reach the top and see the faces of a brotherhood of white, christian men mock you as you stumble however many... Continue Reading →

six years poem

six years ago, we nervously and absurdly dressed our 21 year old bodies in the most expensive things we'd ever owned, threw caution to the wind, and decided wherever life would take us, we'd go together. six years later, thank God our lives have taken parallel paths because neither of us emotionally resemble the kids... Continue Reading →

Childhood Trauma is a Real Thing

I attended my final SEED class for the year last week and it was about adverse childhood experiences and how they inform a student's ability to learn at school. I have to admit I was a bit unenthusiastic about the topic (yes, I know how awful that sounds) because I felt that I have already... Continue Reading →

When Mother’s Day Hurts Like Hell

Flashback to May 12, 1991. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. McKennan Hospital. It's my mom's 25th birthday, and it's Mother's Day. It will also become my birthday via Cesarean section. Pretty special. Or as my story would come to unfold, pretty full of heartache. The role my mom has played in my life has been both... Continue Reading →

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