Walk-outs & Walk-ups

A former student brought this giant Hershey's kiss (which serves 5 by the way) to me this morning. It was out of the blue, and I was so surprised. I interact with this particular student quite often- always at Target, where he works and where I spend large amounts of my paycheck. He came by... Continue Reading →

My Classroom Door is Breaking Barriers

Student Council invited teachers and students to decorate classroom doors for Winter Spirit Week. I found four interested students (two mostly helped, the other two just ran errands to and from the color printer), and.... we won a prize for Most Informative Door! The theme of Winter Spirit Week was Olympics, so we chose to... Continue Reading →

When Students Become the Teachers

For some additional graduate level credits and CEUS this year, I am taking a class called SEED offered through my district. We meet once a month, talk about equity and education topics, and rotate each month who teaches. My group was up this month, and our goal, which I think we achieved, was to offer... Continue Reading →

Book Tasting

My co-worker and I received awesome feedback from our students about their experience reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. So we wanted to let students browse other relevant, engaging, and popular young adult books from the last couple years. I did this in the form of a book tasting: students got menus, sampled a variety of... Continue Reading →

Performance Review of Myself

Be careful what you ask for, right? I required my 10th graders to give me feedback on their experience with me as their teacher first semester, and initially, my brain only read the negatives. So, I decided to write down some of the feedback that hurt and some that helps. Hurts: A native student who... Continue Reading →

Encouraging Students

One of my mantras is "I can't give what I don't have." Some of my colleagues and I were feeling a bit depressed and overwhelmed this January, and we could see that it was a bit viral in our building. A lot of us are trying to be helpful and giving when we're running on... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk about Silence

What goes unsaid is just as important as what is said. This is something I am leaning into in my life and my classroom. I'm in a class of teachers, mostly from my district, called SEED that meets one Thursday evening each month. For our last session, we read excerpts from the book Everyday Anti-Racism -... Continue Reading →

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone: what Tupac Shakur called THUG LIFE. Angie Thomas does a brilliant job intertwining the real-world issues of racism, police brutality, gang violence, poverty, and privilege in her novel for young adults. The book is no joke- more than 400 pages of a narrative that I've seen on... Continue Reading →

Can You Run to Target for Me?

It's August which means teachers and students are soaking in the last long days of summer sunshine and preparing for what we know is around the corner. I have actually been so excited for this upcoming school year, and I have spent much of the summer brainstorming, revising, planning, and working. Next year, I will... Continue Reading →

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