day two poem

we brought you home from the hospital on your second day of life.  i sat in the gliding chair in my room with you cradled like a football in my lap; your dad read a new book to your sister on the bed next to us. i complained that i didn’t understand  how to position... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Thanksgiving

I was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but my immediate family moved to Denver, Colorado when I was five years old. I remember many road trips in the family van through South Dakota, Nebraska, and eastern Colorado. My dad always tried to take “shortcuts” to make the trip quicker, and in doing this, often... Continue Reading →

november 24 poem

it might have something to do with my literature degree, but i tend to search for meaning even when meaning doesn't want to be found. when i discovered my pregnancy with you, i must have turned the volume up on whatever sense i carry with me that seeks out the moments in life that are... Continue Reading →

Mother Each Other

Sometimes my birthday falls on Mother’s Day. My 28th birthday is one of those years. Last year, I wrote about how Mother's Day hurts like hell for some, myself included. I wrote that this holiday is "like having a wound reopened on an annual basis, even if the grieving process looks a bit different each... Continue Reading →

Postpartum Depression Sucks

The baby turned two months old this week, and all I can say is: it has been a hard week. Depression has been chasing me, and I have done my best to stay ahead of it, even though I am only a few footsteps ahead at all times. It's exhausting to pace yourself like this.... Continue Reading →

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