Chinook Dates: May 2018

Okay, so spring didn't really actually happen in my interpretation of this year, and all of the sudden months had passed by before we realized we were trying to actually go on creative dates. See 15 Chinook Book Dates Under $50 for the original plan. Ben made sure we actually went on a date this month, and... Continue Reading →

Chinook Dates: February 2018

  In January, I shared that I combined my love for planning and saving money by creating 15 Chinook Book Dates we could try throughout the year. January got busy, we were sick, and we didn't make it happen. But we did get to go see both Murder on the Orient Express and The Post. Neither with... Continue Reading →

15 Chinook Book Dates Under $50

It's 2018, and I decided to merge my talents for organization and saving money by pre-planning monthly dates for me and Ben. All of the dates require a Chinook Book, which pays for itself quickly and is filled with environmentally sustainable and local opportunities to explore the Twin Cities. We got ours at Half Price... Continue Reading →

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