chutes and ladders poem

why does it feel like a perverted game of chutes and ladders to be a member of a subordinate group in this country where you climb and you climb and you climb, only to reach the top and see the faces of a brotherhood of white, christian men mock you as you stumble however many... Continue Reading →

Childhood Trauma is a Real Thing

I attended my final SEED class for the year last week and it was about adverse childhood experiences and how they inform a student's ability to learn at school. I have to admit I was a bit unenthusiastic about the topic (yes, I know how awful that sounds) because I felt that I have already... Continue Reading →

little baby poem

I was promised constellations and blessings beyond measure. But I had to leave what I was taught in order to receive. God didn't just heal my body after you were born, but began healing generations. I know, I know that people cannot save you; but there is a cure when I look into your face.... Continue Reading →

Walk-outs & Walk-ups

A former student brought this giant Hershey's kiss (which serves 5 by the way) to me this morning. It was out of the blue, and I was so surprised. I interact with this particular student quite often- always at Target, where he works and where I spend large amounts of my paycheck. He came by... Continue Reading →

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