Pain is Not a Competition

Abridged version of my pain: I have had a hard life. I won't sugarcoat it. If you're familiar with ACE scores, mine is 7. When I was 7, my parents divorced. When I was 10, my dad remarried. When I was in 7th grade, my dad called the cops on my mom, she was arrested... Continue Reading →

Just Another White Woman

Last week, a black, female student brought in a pizza to class. When she walked in, I greeted her and said "Hi! It's good to see you. Pizza? I hope you saved a slice for me. But you know, it's probably going to be distracting to have a whole pizza in here- could you finish... Continue Reading →

Social Media & Race

This post has been brewing inside my mind and heart since Thursday morning when I awoke to the news of the murders of nine black individuals in a place of worship in Charleston. It is about faith, but it is also about race. What I want to say could be organized into twenty different blogs,... Continue Reading →

Citizen by Claudia Rankine

This weekend, I finished reading a good book. This book can also be seen as a good poem, based on the way it is written. Good? As in, makes you think. Speaks truth. Halts your relative acceptance that the world could be better and forces you to engage in the conversation and the practicing of, in fact, making the... Continue Reading →

My Response to #BlackLivesMatter

Privilege is supposed to feel comfortable, but the more I become aware of what privilege may be, the more uncomfortable I feel. I picture myself in a comfortable outfit- most likely yoga pants and my loose fitting Estes Park sweatshirt, providing my physical body with relaxation, security, and ease. I don't have to think about... Continue Reading →

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