For the whole morning, I've been trying to snap out of "it". It being my demeanor when I get in a conflict funk. When I feel the discontent of winter in every ounce of my body. When I want to laugh and be fun, but I didn't sleep well last night, and I just... Continue Reading →

Chinook Dates: February 2018

  In January, I shared that I combined my love for planning and saving money by creating 15 Chinook Book Dates we could try throughout the year. January got busy, we were sick, and we didn't make it happen. But we did get to go see both Murder on the Orient Express and The Post. Neither with... Continue Reading →

When Students Become the Teachers

For some additional graduate level credits and CEUS this year, I am taking a class called SEED offered through my district. We meet once a month, talk about equity and education topics, and rotate each month who teaches. My group was up this month, and our goal, which I think we achieved, was to offer... Continue Reading →

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